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More About Pedal to Petal

What is Pedal To Petal?

Pedal to Petal is a collectively owned and operated project whose mission is to:
  • Reduce carbon emissions, reduce landfill and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers.
  • Create employment for our members that aligns with our deep commitment to environmental protection, sustainability, social justice and community self-sufficiency.
  • Increase the amount of food being grown in the city of Victoria and assist in the effort to provide fresh, healthy food to anyone who wants it, regardless of their income.
We aim to achieve these goals with the implementation of this initial project:

Domestic Food Waste Pick-up
According to a CRD study, kitchen and yard waste comprise 30% of our household garbage. Backyard composting is one way to reduce the amount of food waste being trucked to landfill.
Currently, the CRD is conducting a pilot project in which domestic food waste is being picked up from residences and trucked to a compost facility. This is a commendable project and it inspires us to take this idea one step further and work towards an even greater reduction in fossil fuel use.

Pedal to Petal members are offering to pick up your domestic food waste using bicycles, and deliver it to backyard compost piles where it will be turned into nutrient rich compost without the use of powered tools or equipment.

Feed The Soil, Feed The City

This is your chance to not only reduce the amount of waste being trucked to landfill, but to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that would otherwise be used to truck this waste to landfill or industrialized compost facilities. Human (and bike) powered technologies are adaptable to any future.