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Weekly Food Waste Pick-Up

Don’t have the time or space to compost your food waste?

PEDAL TO PETAL now offers weekly home pick-up of kitchen scraps

Only $5/pick-up

PEDAL TO PETAL uses bicycles to provide this year-round service and recycles your kitchen scraps into rich organic compost.

PEDAL TO PETAL supports urban organic agriculture projects that provide fresh produce for low-income Victorians.

Feed The Soil. Feed The City.

To schedule weekly pick-up email

What Can be Composted

• Vegetable waste.
• Cooked foods.
• Bread and grains.
• Dairy products.
• Fruit, egg shells, coffee grounds.
• modest amounts of meat scraps.
• grass and hedge trimmings.

• Old plants and cuttings.
• Branches/twigs.
• Fallen leaves.

What Can't be Composted

• Cat and dog waste.
• Non biodegradable items - plastic, metals.