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Pedal To Petal is a permaculture-based collective of bicycle loving food security activists who are taking direct action to reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste and to feed the soil and the city's hungry.
This mandate is realized through bicycle powered kitchen scrap pick-up, the building of edible landscapes and composting.
Click here to learn how you can have us pick up your kitchen scraps.

Weekly Food Waste Pick-Up

Don’t have the time or space to compost your food waste?

PEDAL TO PETAL now offers weekly home pick-up of kitchen scraps

Only $5/pick-up

PEDAL TO PETAL uses bicycles to provide this year-round service and recycles your kitchen scraps into rich organic compost.

PEDAL TO PETAL supports urban organic agriculture projects that provide fresh produce for low-income Victorians.

Feed The Soil. Feed The City.

To schedule weekly pick-up email

What Can be Composted

• Vegetable waste.
• Cooked foods.
• Bread and grains.
• Dairy products.
• Fruit, egg shells, coffee grounds.
• modest amounts of meat scraps.
• grass and hedge trimmings.

• Old plants and cuttings.
• Branches/twigs.
• Fallen leaves.

What Can't be Composted

• Cat and dog waste.
• Non biodegradable items - plastic, metals.